Tarzan Projects bases its interior designs on your organisation and your staff. After all, every company is unique. To discover more about the authentic character of your own organisation, we examine your business and marketing plans and hold focused interviews, both with the management team and the staff on the shop floor. In this way, we get to know what the people who will soon work in the new environment find important: what they see as the core values of your company. We then translate this unique ‘Interior DNA’ into a distinctive and recognisable interior for your business premises.

Personal contact
The personal contact necessary to establish your Interior DNA contributes to a good collaborative working relationship while at the same time enhancing the feeling of involvement in the new interior. As Creative Director Jane Stroink points out, “In order to create a truly suitable design, I want to personally hear and experience what people need in a work environment, so that I can design an interior which everyone – staff and clients alike – feels good in.”

Putting the Interior DNA in the picture
After the initial design phase, we present you with your Preliminary Design (P.D.) in which you see the three core values on which your Interior DNA is based, together with mood boards, the design illustrations and the layout. The P.D. also contains the provisional schedule and the cost estimate. In this way, you get a good picture of what we envisage and what it means for you in terms of actual time and money.

Within the agreed price and on schedule
Basing any adjustments on your feedback about the P.D.,  we then draw up the Final Design (F.D.). Within this, we set out the final price, schedule and interior illustrations. After your approval of the F.D. we take charge of the entire project, up to and including the handover, always remaining within the agreed price and timing. If necessary, you can continue working during the renovation; we have experience in this too. ​